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Customers are our priority, and we aim to satisfy them with our work.

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Allin-1-Travels is amongst the top hotel service providing companies. Spread across 103 countries, Allin-1-Travels provides you with a wide range of destination hotels to choose from. Over 6500+ resorts are present all over the globe. The unique infrastructure, the lightning fast services and tech-savvy rooms are what pleases our customers the most. Since, we consider our customers are of paramount importance to us, we ensure they are offered every facility.

Allin-1-Travels also provides membership to the customers. We offer 5-30 years of premium holiday membership under which our customers have access to our destination hotels and many other features. Special vouchers are also given out to these customers through which you can enjoy free movies and amazing cuisine. Discounted coupons on hotel accommodations and flights are also present. We also keep you updated on any new offers that our hotel initiates.

Because of its sophisticated culture and generosity, Royal Hilton Club has become the talk of the town. Our only motto is “Arise, Awake and Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached” and we will leave no stones unturned until we accomplish our mission. We feel extremely delighted to offer our customers everything they desire because we understand their vacation is important to them.  Ours is a team of professionals who are committed to their work and have high morale.

A diverse spectrum of adventurous sports which will boost you mentally and physically. Professionals in their respective sport will be available for your safety. You can avail all these services with affordable prices. Experience these mind-blowing services with us. The complimentary trips we offer will also amaze your mind and for all those who love to travel, this is a great opportunity. For all those people who are searching for the best travel partner, Country Holidays Inn & Suites is what you need.

Customers are our priority, and we aim to satisfy them with our work.

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5 Years

  • Check and go included
  • 3 tours included
  • 3 months valid

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10 Years

  • 4,00,000
  • 6 tours included
  • 6 months valid

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20 Years

  • 6,10,000
  • 6 months valid
  • Travel guide included

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